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Motor Vehicles

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Now you can renew registrations by phone! We offer a toll free number (1-877-768-5054).  You can also pay by credit/debit card as well. A 3% fee will be added to use this service. Call today!

Motor vehicle licensing is the most widely used service of the County Clerk’s office. The motor vehicle services are described below. Various motor vehicle forms can be downloaded from this web site for your convenience. Additional information may be found at KyRenew.com.

BUYER BEWARE! – TITLE AND SERIAL NUMBER CHECK Before purchasing any motor vehicle, make certain that the current owner can provide a valid title for the vehicle. Be sure to verify that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) matches the number reflected on the title. This number is typically located on the dashboard on the driver’s side and is usually visible through the windshield. If these numbers do not match, insist that the discrepancy be corrected or do not complete the transaction.


To View Motor Vehicle Fees please click Motor Vehicle FeesPrintable Forms: Motor VehiclesTo view and print these forms in keeping with filing standards you will need the Adobe Acrobat reader,

• First Time or Out-of-State Title and Registration
• Affidavit for Replacement/Non-Exchange (Form: TC 96-167)
• Affidavit of Incomplete Transfer
• Application for Disabled Persons Special Parking Permit (Form: TC 96-204)
• Boat Transfer Form (BTR) (Form: TC 96-184)
• Motor Vehicle Usage Tax Multi-Purpose Form (Form: 71A101)
• Vehicle Transfer Form (VTR) (Form: TC 96-182)
• Title Lien Statement (Form: TC 96-187E)